All of our schools have a Local Governing Body Committee. The purpose of the Committee is to ensure the:

  • performance of the school is monitored effectively and that the its self-evaluation is appropriately interrogated and challenged with reference to the relevant OFSTED criteria
  • school improvement cycle is correctly monitored and evaluated and to provide challenge and support to the Academy Principal and his/her leadership team.  
  • school is faithful to the vision, aims and ethos of the Federation and plays its part in delivering the Federation’s strategic plans.

For further information on the governance structure of the Federation click here.


Borough Academy Governing Body 

  • Anthony Cann (Chairman of Borough Academy Local Board and a Director on the Trust Board)
  • Anuja Dhir QC
  • Cassandra Buchanan
  • Fiona Hurst
  • Hugh Gammell
  • Joshua Rosen
  • Nick Grenside
  • Paola Wilson
  • Sally Dyson